About our Conservatory Styles

Choosing the style of a conservatory is an important decision. It’s not just about the design best suited to the property in question, but about the sort of space it creates and how it complements and enhances the lifestyle of those who will be enjoying it.

Making the most of the space

Even in a traditional-style conservatory, whole elevations can be virtually opened up through the use of bi-folding doors or large in-line sliders to give easy access to the outside, provide extra ventilation, deliver an amazing sense of space and create a whole new modern feel.

Getting the roof right

The conservatory roof is perhaps the most important element - it has to withstand snow and wind loads, window cleaners accessing adjacent windows and remain weatherproof for a very long time.

At Ipswich Trade Frames our conservatory roofs are designed and created by our trusted manufacturer with over 20 years. The Classic Conservatory Roofing System combines state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies with elegant, traditional and contemporary designs. The strong, robust, lightweight, aluminium conservatory roofing system offers great flexibility and can be used for various applications including atria, glazed links, swimming pool enclosures, rooflights, orangeries, glasshouses, conservatories, sunrooms, glazed home extensions,porches, canopies, verandas, pergolas, patio enclosures.

Take a look at all the details  - see the Classic Roofing System brochure in the downloads section. 

Glazing & ventilation

Selecting the right specification of roof glass is crucial to both enjoyment and comfort. To enable a conservatory to be used all year round, there needs to be adequate ventilation potential through trickle vents, eaves-flow vents and /or opening roof vents. Glazing material must also be selected that allows maximum light in yet it needs to deflect heat from the sun in summer and retain the warmth from heating appliances in winter.

Most of our roofs are supplied with performance solar control glass sourced from leading manufacturers such as St.Gobain Glass and Pilkingtons UK. A unique coating on the glass provides the dual effect of allowing sunlight in, while repelling solar heat. This product to allows sunlight to pass through the glass whilst radiating and reflecting away a large degree of the sun’s heat. The indoor space stays bright and much cooler than would be the case if normal glass were used.

uPVC roof units usually feature ‘Conservaglass’ and are manufactured in specialist roof glass factories and guaranteed for 10 years. They feature toughened safety glass (4mm glass / 16 mm Argon filled cavity /4 mm glass with black warm edge spacer as standard). All specifications are also are true ‘self cleaning’ and offer a range of solar control properties.

Polycarbonate glazing options

Polycarbonate roof glazing is a lower cost alternative to glass which looks good and provides excellent thermal properties. It is available in a range of colours, thicknesses and specifications.   

Ipswich Trade Frames - Here to help

At Ipswich Trade Frames we have the knowledge and understanding and dedication to personal service to ensure that you choose the right conservatory product to the right specification to suit requirements – and thanks to our excellent manufacturer relations, you can count on us to  turn around times you need and at the price you need it.  


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