Large Span Portal / Large Scale Conservatories



Glazing options

Large or portal conservatories suitable for dining areas, walkways, fitness rooms, swimming pools and spas are constructed with a supporting skeleton which sits inside the conservatory itself. Typically, large span conservatories can incorporate around a six metre stretch before sub-structure support is required.

In the majority of cases, large scale conservatories require planning permission and the skeleton frame delivers the extra support required to take the weight of the roof and gives additional stability.  

Any sub structure support needs to be approved by structural engineers and constructed from ground fixed high grade aluminium or timber.  

At Ipswich Trade Frames we are pleased to discuss large or portal conservatories styling, design and supply as well as use our trade experience to explore ideas to tie the installation in to the property.  

Large span conservatories are also available in a range of finishes including light oak, rosewood, mahogany and white.