Gable-end Conservatory



Glazing options

Looking like a classical pavilion, the gable-end conservatory offers an immediate sense space with its expansive, higher roof and practical internal floor area which is square or rectangular in shape.   

The vertical gable-end often serves to tie the conservatory design into the architectural style of the property more effectively than other conservatory types. Reminiscent of orangeries, one popular gable-end conservatory style includes additional brickwork which serves to tie this glass extension more into the property.

At Ipswich Trade Frames, we offer a classic roof system which can be glazed with glass or polycarbonate to gives any gable-end conservatory a grand and  elegant appearance, with fine detailing to complement slim frames.

They offer a choice of positions for the doors and a range of finishes including light oak, rosewood, mahogany, woodgrain and white to tie in with the property itself.